Contact Inkling Support

We love to hear from our users, even when things aren’t going perfectly! Here's some info that will help us solve the issue you report:


  1. The version of iOS/Android OS you’re currently running.
  2. The version of Inkling you're using.
  3. Your Inkling account email address.
  4. The title and chapter, if possible.
  5. When you experienced the problem.
  6. A screenshot of the issue, if possible.
  7. If you've tried the kitchen sink approach.


  1. The browser (Chrome or Safari) and version you're using.
  2. Your Inkling account email address.
  3. When you experienced the problem.
  4. A screenshot of the issue if possible.

If you have any of this information handy, please send an email to with a detailed description of the problem. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

We are aware that a small fraction of our customers have had trouble receiving our replies. If you have not received a response to your request within 48 hours, please check your email spam folder, or make sure that the email address submitted with your request is correct. 

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