What if I run out of space on my device?

We know that Inkling titles are competing with other movies, music, and apps on your device; that’s why we stream all of our video content, instead of making it local to your device, which saves you space.

If you need to free up space, here’s how:

  1. Delete titles you don’t need.
  2. Download only the chapters you need again.

Don’t worry—your notes and highlights are safely stored on our servers, and they’ll instantly reappear when you download the content again.

If you are using Inkling for Android, you can even download content to an external SD card:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Make sure "Store books on SD card" is selected

Note: Previously downloaded titles will still be stored on your internal drive. You'll need to delete and re-download the title to add it to your SD card.

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