Android FAQ

How do I buy new books or chapters?

You can browse and purchase books from Then log in to your Inkling account on our Android app to download your books.

How do I download a book?

To download a title, tap on the cover thumbnail and then tap Download All. You can also tap the download icon next to individual chapters.

How do I delete a book?

Your books are always available in the cloud. If you’d like to delete a book from your device, tap and hold the cover thumbnail and select Delete. The book thumbnail will now appear with a cloud icon, indicating that the book has been removed from your device but can be re-downloaded whenever you like.

How do I jump between parts of chapters when I’m reading?

Once you’re in a book, the header bar will help you navigate. Tap on the book’s cover image to head back to the table of contents. To navigate by headings within a chapter, tap on the card title at the center of the header.

How do I sort my library?

At the top right of the library screen, you’ll see a icon with three horizontal lines. This menu allows you to sort your books by title, date added, or last read.

I got a message that my content is not yet supported in this version of Inkling for Android.

When you tap to view some interactive portions of your content, you may receive an error message. That’s because these features are still in development. We’re working to bring them to you as quickly as possible.

Will there be a standalone app for x title?

Not yet. Right now, we’re working to perfect the Inkling app experience.

Help! Something went wrong.

Don’t worry. Most problems can be resolved by following these steps.

Please let us know if you see something that can’t be resolved, as you can help us improve your experience as we work on the next release.

My device/operating system isn’t supported.

This release covers the vast majority of users and as many devices and operating systems as possible (Android 4.4+). If your device or operating system isn’t supported, we’ll do our best to bring Inkling for Android to you.

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